"Transform Your Kitchen, gut and your health: Join the Mastering Fermentation with Everyday Heroes and Learn to Ferment Like a Pro!"

Just a tiny bit of Fermented food can increase the good bacteria in you gut by 100X.

Welcome to our monthly fermentation class, where you can learn the art of fermentation

and its benefits.

Fermentation has been used for centuries to preserve food and enhance its flavor.

But did you know that fermented foods can also improve your gut health and overall wellbeing?

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Wednesday April 24th



In these classes, we will teach you how to use fermented foods to improve your gut health. Yvonne and guest instructors will guide you through the process of creating fermented foods that your family will love.

You will learn how to make fermentation easy, and explore a different type of fermentation each month.

Since 2 is better than one, as much as possible, there will be a local fermentation Hero join us and share their favourite fermentation techniques.

There is so much incredible knowledge in our own communities, (& in the room). We will be on hand to answer any questions you may have but also encourage you to join the conversation and share your experiences.

If coming in person, you will get to sample some of the ferments of the month (& anything else in the fridge).

It is time that fermentation is common knowledge again!!

By joining our monthly fermentation class, you will not only learn a new skill but also improve your health and wellbeing.

So, don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the world of fermentation and discover the benefits for yourself!

join us every month or just once.

We have a class every month. You can come to the ones that interest you the most or join us each month. The classes will show you how to create a variety of fermented foods such as chutneys, sauerkrauts, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir (dairy & non dairy) sourdough (regular & gluten free).

You can join the class by Zoom or in person in my home in Bashaw, AB.

Each month we will explore a different kind of fermentation and when there is a starter needed, such as kombucha, kefir or sourdough, we will do our best to provide everyone with some. If you are in the area but can’t attend in person, but would like some of the starter, please let us know.

As I am a health coach and help people remove inflammation and improve gut health, I will be including gluten and dairy free items in the classes and all the samples created by me are gluten free. Please however, let me know of your food allergies so that I can make sure things are safe for you and if a guest has brought something in, we find out if it is safe as well.

See below to come just this month

The yearly membership is right for you if  ...

> You love to explore new foods.

Fermenting will release your creativity in the kitchen. Once you know the few important "rules", fermenting allows you to have fun being creative and trying new things.

> You love to garden and want a way to preserve your crops

Fermenting is the orginal way to preserve our foods, every culture did it. You can use the techinque to preserve the bounty from your garden as well. Almost every food can be fermented, cabbage, carrots, all root veggies, onions, leaks, even corn on the cob.

> You want to improve your gut health. Fermented foods can increase your good bacteria by up to 100x. A healthy microbiome is not just about #'s, virety matters as well. Each type of food has different types of this beneficial bacteria that grows on it, so exploring differnet types of fermentation will help you increase the diversity of your microbiome.

>You value Community.

Being part of a community with other people who ferment and share recipes brings immense value to one's life. Not only does it provide an opportunity to learn and expand one's knowledge about the art of fermentation, but it also allows for a sense of belonging and connection with like-minded individuals. Through sharing recipes, techniques, and experiences, members of the community can support and inspire each other to explore new flavors, experiment with different ingredients, and ultimately, create delicious and nutritious fermented foods. Additionally, being part of a community can foster a sense of accountability and motivation to continue practicing and refining one's fermentation skills. Overall, being part of a community with other fermentation enthusiasts can enrich one's life in countless ways, from expanding culinary horizons to building meaningful relationships.

Classes that are already in the membership area are:

Apple chutney





kefir &



Upcoming Classes:

May 03:

Guest: Joanne Nyback

Water Kefir

Ginger Bug

Water kefir is a fermented beverage that is made from water kefir grains. These grains are a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts that form a gelatinous mass. The grains are added to sugar water, along with any additional flavorings, and left to ferment for 24-48 hours. During the fermentation process, the bacteria and yeasts consume the sugar and produce carbon dioxide, which gives the drink a fizzy texture. Water kefir has a tangy, slightly sweet taste with a hint of natural effervescence.

Ginger bug is Ginger bug is a natural and healthy way to make homemade fermented drinks like ginger ale, beer, and even wine. It's a simple and easy-to-make starter culture made from fresh ginger, sugar, and water that is left to ferment for several days. The result is a fizzy and flavorful drink that's full of beneficial probiotics and enzymes that can improve digestion, boost the immune system, and provide many other health benefits.

Ginger bug is also a great alternative to store-bought sodas and other sugary drinks that can be harmful to your health. It's a fun and creative way to experiment with different flavors and ingredients and impress your friends and family with your homemade creations. So, if you're looking for a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy fermented drinks, give ginger bug a try!

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This months Class:

Thursday, June 15

Guest: Cindy Jacobson


Have you tried finding a Gluten Free wrap or flat read and been disappointed when they are dry, tough and fall apart if you try to "wrap" them? Maybe it is time to try making a Dosa "pancake"

Join us for a Dosa Fermentation Class and discover the art of making this delicious and nutritious South Indian dish! Dosa is a popular fermented crepe made from rice and lentil batter, and is enjoyed as a breakfast or snack item.

This class will teach you three methods of fermenting dosa batter, which involves soaking and grinding rice and lentils, and allowing the mixture to ferment overnight.

You'll learn about the importance of fermentation in creating a healthy and flavorful dosa, as well as tips for achieving the perfect texture and flavor.

Not only is dosa delicious, it also offers numerous health benefits. The fermentation process enhances the bioavailability of nutrients in the batter, such as protein and minerals, making them easier for the body to absorb. Additionally, dosa is naturally gluten-free, making it a great option for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

Whether you're a seasoned cook or a curious beginner, this class is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about dosa and the art of fermentation. Come join us and discover the joys of this delicious and nutritious dish!

Wednesday, July 5th


Garlic in Honey, Fermented Onions, Onion Soup mix, Garlic Scapes & leeks.

Onion's only keep for so long and then they start to go soft and sprout so why not ferment them while they are fresh and firm and there are so many different ways to do them. Store your green onions now, (or plant some more so you can try again this fall) and get ready to preserve your big onions all year so you don't have a much to do this fall.

This month we will be making:

Garlic honey is delicious. It has the benefits of garlic but not the sharp taste. You need a little patience for this one as it takes a few months before you get to use it, But it is SOOOO worth it.

Onion relish- incredible on a burger, in a salad or in cooked items.
We will take it one step further and then dehydrate it for the most amazing
dried seasoning or soup mix. This way it can keep for years, but they won't because you won't be able to stop eating them.

Leeks- Last year I did the basic ferment to save all my leeks and I still have a small amount left. It was great in soups, salads, anything.
Bonus Leeks are lower in FODMAPS.

The other thing that is lower in FODMAP is Garlic Scapes.
They are the green curly part of the garlic top and only available for a few weeks of the year . (THEY ARE AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW) So find a Farmers Market an get some. I have used Scapes in a number of my ferments plus done some ferments with just them alone.

Green Onion Kimchi-you just have to come and see what that is :)

When you have to eat a low FODMAP diet, it can be challenging to avoid all alliums. The good news is that fermenting can reduce the sugars in them and they might affect you less. (also of course you know that if you rebalance your microbiome, you could also avoid having to remove FODMAPS)

August 28

Fall Harvest #1- Corn and Cuccumbers

This month we will be exploring fall harvest with making Fermented Corn on the COB and Dill Pickles.

Who does not love Dill Pickles and I am loving the corn that I made a few months ago. Add a little to salads, dips, top on a taco, or blend it us and make a dip or dish with it.

September 13

Fall Harvest #2-Carrots & Beets

This month we are exploring root veggies like Carrots and Beets.

Carrot and beet pickles as well as was drinks made with them. Beet Kvass and Carrot juice.

October 4

Apple Cider Vinegar & Fire Cider

Do you have access to a apple (or crabapple) tree?

If so go grab a pail now and get them in the fridge and join us in October to make Apple Cider Vinegar and the amazing Fire Cider.

What is Fire Cider?

It is an Elixir of spicy veggies and herbs in Apple Cider Vinegar. It is great for boosting your health, (especially in the fall ;) and it makes an incredible salad dressing!!! but there many uses for it.

This month, I'll supply the Jar, you bring a small jar of Apple Cider vinegar.

We will chop the veggies etc here and you can take a Jar home with you. You will need enough of a good quality Apple Cider Vinegar to cover the veggies. So bring some with you as well. (our Vinegar will not be ready by then).

My Apple Cider will not be completely ready by then but, this is apple season so it is the perfect time of year to give it a try. You can even make it from the skins and cores left over from preserving apples for pie etc.

November 1

Dairy Free sour-cream & yogurt

Doing Dairy Free for a while? What can you use instead?

There are lots of different ways to make vegan products. In this class we will use some nuts and some with oats or coconut.


Dairy Free Yogurt

Have a dairy Sensitivity or allergy? Purchased yogurts can be expensive so why not learn to make them yourself.

Dairy Free Yogurt with Coconut milk or other milks

April 24th 2024

Gluten Free Sourdough

I know you have been asking for this one for a long time. How to make GLUTEN FREE SOURDOUGH. It is quite different than regular sourdough, in fact it is easier and simpler.

Making Gluten Free bread can be tricky and unpredictable but I find the sourdough to be much better tasting, easier to make and a lot better tasting.

As always, if you are coming in person, you will go home with a starter.

On April 5th, the dashboard will have the handout and instructions to create your own starter, it really is quit simple and will take about a week.

You can also order Gluten Free starters on Amazon or on line.

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