Breaking Free of IBS Workshop: Presented by Yvonne King 

Certified Gut Health Coach



In just 5 days walk away with the 4 key things I PROMISE you haven't tried, keeping you from healing your IBS, so that you can have the health, time and energy to build your business and retirement!

This free WORKSHOP Will Be Held...

July 24-28th


Replays are available!

Imagine if you... had the energy and mental clarity to build a business that funds your RETIREMENT and pays you to TRAVEL without, being on an embarrassing

RESTRICTED DIET, experiencing crazy BRAIN FOG or constantly worrying about where the BATHROOM is!

here are 3 ways this workshop will change

your life forever:

Life changer #1

The #1 Variable that your DOCTOR is not telling you, that will help you 10X more than taking that disgusting FIBRE supplement or the Probiotics that


Life Changer #2

The bulletproof

3 STEP SYSTEM, that you can apply NOW, to have vitality and ENERGY at work and home without living on a restricted diet FOREVER.

Life Changer #3

What, HEALTHY FOODS are creating inflammation & BRAIN FOG and making it hard to FOCUS on your business and making you look 6 MONTHS PREGNANT.


Yvonne King

Certified Gut Health Coach

Intergrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN)

Certified Gut Thrive Practitioner

Certified Gluten Free Practitioner

About your host:

Hi, I'm Yvonne.  

I’m a Gut Health Coach for frustrated women who can’t figure out why they’re bloated, tired and struggling with their digestion.

I help you stop looking like you’re 6-months pregnant, get out of the bathroom, & enjoy your life without drowning in over-the-counter medications or living forever on a restricted diet.  

I used to get so constipated that I couldn’t stand up straight, with cramps that made me feel like I was in a non-stop 15-year pregnancy. No matter how many medications or supplements I took, it just never ended. And it showed! I had to wear baggy, loose, long tops because I would suddenly get so bloated that there was no way I could keep my pants done up.   Then when things started to “move”, they would not stop and I would be stuck in the bathroom for HOURS.  

I suffered with this severe IBS until one day I was lucky enough to meet a very kind ER nurse who suggested that my aunt (& my gut issues) would benefit from a Natural-pathic doctor that specializes in gut health.   My life forever changed after that day. Thanks to the beautiful heart of a complete stranger.

I decided to quit my family's multimillion dollar business and become a health coach. Unlike my classmates, I knew exactly what kind of health coach I wanted to be, I wanted to be a gut health coach and help people improve their digestion and finally have normal bowel movements. My digestive issues and dependancy on a having a bathroom close, kept me playing small, in health, in life & in business.

I searched and searched until I found a training and protocol that was proven, 1000's of times over, and TREATED the ALL the root causes of our gut issues. Not just putting bandaids on them!!!

I LOVE learning, we can never learn too much, but learning is only part of the equation, the important, missing part is DOING. Our habits must match our goals to achieve the results we want.

I want my clients to have the energy, focus and commitment to crush not just their health goals but the business & life goals as well. That is why I took what I learned from studying with Bob Proctor and have combined health coaching and life coaching together. We can not separate the physical body from the emotional body, we are all ONE and need to work on both. Our emotional trauma is part of what has created the physical issues.

Now I use my experience to help you. It’s time for you to take back control, understand the root cause of your health issues. and break free of the chains that are holding you back.

Disclaimer - This event is entirely free and will give you actionable steps rebuild your microbiome. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the event, a program will be offered for purchase.


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